By Joanne Sim

It has been six months since the launch the Cundall blog -Cundall Conversations. We have had 28 blog posts, 16 authors/Conversation Starters, 220 tags/topics, 11,000 hits and readers from 42 different countries. I have the brilliant problem of having too many posts to mention in this article, so I thought I would highlight the most popular posts using three different benchmarks: most read, most shared and most commented.

Most read – Do you love your job? By Chloe Agg

This was one of the first posts on Cundall Conversations and still gets new hits each month (285 in total). Chloe explains why she loves being an engineer and why she is encouraging children to the construction industry through a children’s book.

Most shared – The Green Certificate that lives up to its name! By Hannah Morton

Hannah talks about her experiences of the Living Building Challenge, sharing the requirements of the rating system and what to watch out for. It was shared on social media over 130 times including by the Twitter account @livingbuilding which has 12.8k followers.

Most commented -The Sustainable Future: Drive your 4X4 to work but don’t cycle. By Jonnie Allen

Only published this month, this blog post has ten comments and counting. Jonnie speaks of his frustration on how politicians are tackling the dangerous pollution levels in London. We chose to name the blog Cundall Conversations to get others to comment and share their opinion which this post has achieved.

A special thank you to all our Conversation Starters, without them the blog would not be a success.

Find out more about Cundall –

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