By Roslina Rahim

For the second year running, Cundall’s Doha office took part in Qatar Green Building Council’s annual No Paper Day. As Cundall is the world’s first consultancy to be formally endorsed as a One Planet Company, reducing paper consumption is one of the many things we do as part of our action plan.  However this day gave the whole office a chance to sit down and brainstorm ways we can further reduce paper.  QGBC experts estimate that Qatar’s population uses a total of 5.4 million sheets of A4 paper a day, which translates into the cutting down of a staggering 540 trees.

Below are some of the ideas we have implemented since last year, as well as those that were discussed at this year’s No Paper Day to reduce our paper consumption:

  1. No paper cups – Our office pantry is stocked with reusable mugs instead of paper cups.
  2. Review documents electronically
    a) Cundall’s Newforma collaboration software means that documents are stored electronically, mitigating the need for large hard copy folders for each project. The Doha office will be migrating projects to Newforma this year.
    b) Whenever possible we issue comments and sketches using the tools available in our PDF software.
    c) For QAs and peer reviews, sometimes A1 drawings just need to be viewed to scale. Is it possible to do so electronically? We will look at costs and benefits of a Multitouch Drafting Table.
  3. Encourage Clients to accept soft data – Instead of paper prints, we encourage clients to accept drawings, bids and proposals in electronic format.
  4. Recycle paper
    a) Double-sided default – All our printers are set to print double sided as a default, reducing paper wastage and cost.
    b) Reuse single sided paper – We print on scrap paper for internal use.
    c) Think twice before printing – Do we really need to print that email?
  5. Use hand towels instead of paper tissues – We will look into replacing paper towels in the office pantry and WCs with hand towels.
  6. Document typesetting and formatting – Can we further reduce image, font size and line spacing of Cundall documents?
  7. Use tablets for meetings and site – How about jotting down our notes and observations electronically instead of on paper?
  8. Reduce unwanted mail and duplicates of magazine subscriptions – Every week a dozen magazines are dropped into the office postbox. We will optimise our magazine subscriptions to avoid duplicates.
  9. Raise awareness with clients – One person can make a difference. As we strive towards our goal of a One Planet Company, we can also encourage and support others to do the same.

It would be great to hear other people’s ideas plus any advice on making these ideas work.  For example, since starting to use scrap paper in our printer- jams have increased significantly- has anyone else had this problem and if so is there a solution?

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Roslina Rahim, Sustainable Cundall


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