Apr 13, 2015

On yer bike!

By Andrew Hanson

This year Cundall is hosting a charity bike ride from Cambridge to Birmingham in aid of Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  Taking place on the 30th June, I am part of the team who are looking to raise £10,000 target for the specially designed garden and the hospital’s CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) unit.

As a keen cyclist, when the challenging opportunity came up to take part in this year’s Cundall charity bike ride for Birmingham Children’s Hospital, I jumped at the chance to do my bit for this great cause. Having committed to take part, the realisation of cycling 100+ miles in a day sunk in. Not wanting the 30th June to creep up on me, the training commenced, easing into it with a steady 40 mile ride from Solihull to Stratford and back.

With the best will in the world to get out training on a weekly basis, it’s inevitable that things will crop up and put a spanner in the works… like a family wedding down in St. Ives in Cornwall for a few days… however I thought to myself I’m not going to let this stop me getting out on my bike, so packed my bike in to my car on the Friday and planned to get a nice coastal ride in at some point during the week. Upon arriving in St. Ives I was met with steep hills, winding narrow streets and cobbled roads, I soon realised this idyllic gentle ride along the coast I had pictured would be a gruelling slog! Still not completely put off, I thought maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow then passed, and so did the next day, and the next… I then packed my bike back into the car and drove it all 260 miles back home! Bad times!

The following weekend soon came around and thought I have to make up for my poor efforts down in Cornwall, so woke up bright and early on the Saturday, the conditions were looking good so jumped on my bike and rode to Warwick Castle and back, approximately 34 miles. The ride was going well until 3 miles from home when the heavens opened and I got soaked! Nevertheless I was pleased I managed to get out and put some miles in.

With just under three months to go, I know I need to keep this training up, 34 miles made me realise 100 miles is a long way!  The sponsor money is a great motivation, so if you would like to motive the whole team click here to donate. Plus cross your fingers for better training conditions with spring on its way.

Find out more about Cundall – http://www.cundall.com/

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  1. Just donated, good luck with your total and getting to your targeted £10k.

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