By Jonnie Allen

MIPIM is called the world’s leading property market and takes place every March in Cannes, South of France. Having experienced my first MIPIM here are my thoughts.

MIPIM is an event full of contradictions and here are just a few:

  • I flew out with Easyjet on Tuesday lunchtime and everyone on the plane was going to MIPIM so it was the most corporate low cost flight of my life
  • The event is in the South of France but there seems to be no food on offer (only drink)
  • All the talk is of huge, impressive, multi billion pound schemes all over the world and yet Cannes does not look like it has had any investment in 30 years (I did not see one crane)
  • The world’s property industry comes together but you only seem to end up talking to Brits
  • About 30,000 people attend but you bump into people you know all over the place and feel you know everyone
  • It is the most expensive event we do but you don’t spend any money and feel you live like a student (basic accommodation, grabbing food where you can, lack of sleep and some drinking)
  • The event was attended this year by a global footballing superstar but it was Gary Neville (the biggest contradiction of them all).

MIPIM is an incredible event. The cost of it and the key people that are available to meet or catch up with mean that you don’t want to waste a second. This accounts for the lack of food and sleep, there are lots of restaurants and you could have an early night but then you would miss out on the next person to talk to or a key introduction. The nature of the event means that everyone is very open, keen to talk and interested in what others are up to. This all accounts for why it works and the local spin-offs don’t (people don’t pop back to the office for a meeting or have to catch the last train home everyone is there and keen to justify the investment).

The average MIPIM day runs from a breakfast event at about 8.30am until you finally feel beaten at about 2am. The will to make the most of being there is weakest first thing in the morning when the last thing you want is to jump back on the social merry-go-round. The five of us who attended from Cundall had put a lot of effort into making sure that we had shared events and appointments so that we were all making the most of our time and connections and this paid dividends with one person commenting, “you guys are everywhere”, which with five amongst 30,000 takes some planning and effort.

I returned home exhausted but with a feeling of great achievement and I was there half the time of the other four. Now the work continues with the follow-up calls, emails and appointments.

Image credit © IMAGE & CO / V. DESJARDINS

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