It is National Recycling Week in Australia and to celebrate, we asked a few of our Australian staff to share some of their recycling tips at home or in the office.

  1. Make it obvious! –  In our office we have a colourful sign next to each bin clearly explaining what it is for (i.e. general waste, paper and cardboard recycling and plastic glass recycling).
    Nick Stokoe, Associate, Adelaide
  2. Recycle your old phonesBe honest, you’ll never re-use the old Nokia phone in your drawer, donate it to give it a new lease of life in a developing country.
    Andrew Thompson, Associate, Melbourne
  3. Reduce before recycling – There are lots of ways to do this including using reusable bags, getting veggie box deliveries and asking for paperless bills.
    Mary Haw, Senior ESD Consultant, Sydney
  4. Save space – Crush cans and flatten cardboard boxes to create more space in your bins.
    Rupert Lodge, Associate, Perth
  5. Scrap paper tray for the office – Any pieces of paper that were only printed on one side go into this tray, which is used for note-taking, drawing, etc. Saves notepads and fresh sheets of paper being used. David Collins, Associate, Sydney
  6. Keep a lid on it! – Beer bottle lids on their own aren’t detected by the magnets (they’re too small). Put them into a can and fold the top over and they’ll get recycled along with everything else.
    Amy Young, ESD Consultant, Perth
  7. Never throw old clothes out – Give clothes to charity or go to a clothing swap party, if the clothes are beyond repair use them as rags for cleaning or decorating.
    Joanne Sim, Marketing Executive, Sydney
  8. Don’t put bins at peoples desks – Put them in a central point and people will actually throw less out, and when they do use them they will be more likely to sort it properly.
    Emma Smith, Office Administrator, Melbourne
  9. Remove the lids – take the lid off the jar/bottle/container/tub – it’s often not recyclable.
    Jack Nisbet, ESD Consultant, Adelaide
  10. Green Christmas – For Kris Kringle (aka Secret Santa), have a theme of second hand or handmade. Rochelle Phillis, ESD Consultant, Sydney

We would love to hear your favourite recycling tip!  Please add to the comments below.

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