By Andy Parkin

Out of the blue, March 2020 saw us all desert our offices and set up our workspaces in our homes. This was non-negotiable and […]

By Natasha Cox-Abeysinghe

The menopause. We’ve all heard of the word – but do we all know exactly what it means, and the […]

By Mark Moore

First published in ARMA magazine. Issued in March 2021 the London Plan is the Spatial Development Strategy for Greater London and it sets out a […]

By Victoria Olawyin

In the UK, October marks Black History Month (BHM), an annual celebration of the history, achievement and […]

By Alec Stewart

Like many engineers, I have an app on my mobile phone that lets me keep an eye on the make-up of our […]

By Alan Fogarty

When it comes to net zero carbon design, the UK’s education sector is well ahead of […]

Whilst the lighting industry has always been very good at recycling, using recycled components and green energy this is not what the circular economy is about.

By Jo Lacy

As we enter July, I would like to highlight a second pride month of sorts. This, however, is not […]

By Rob Turner

In the summer of 2020 when the world was facing the biggest challenge in a generation, Lee Leston-Jones and I started to look […]

By Carole O’Neil

In January of this year I took over as Chair of the […]