By Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith, Graduate Structural Engineer, has been named as an apprentice for the President of the Institute of Civil Engineering […]


By Chris Turner

The European Lacrosse Championships started on the 28th of July and ran through to the 3rd of August, hosted for the first time by Hungary. The picturesque city of Budapest was the backdrop for the 24 European teams competing in the games played at the university campus […]


By Chris Grundy

The technological silos that historically existed in corporate buildings placed limitations on how buildings were managed and operated […]


By David Everington

As part of Cundall’s commitment to 40,000 hours of volunteering […]


By Roger Wood

I started donating blood when I was 18 years old and have given 80 pints […]


By Ashleigh Dolan

The Pilcrow Pub promises to be ‘the pub that Manchester built’. Something of a neighbourhood […]


On Friday 9th September, four Cundall employees took part in the 7th Annual Property Sector Velodrome challenge […]