An interview with Pooran Desai, OBE, Co-Founder of Bioregional and International Director of One Planet Communities […]

By Eric Rugundu

Being a staff member at Cundall has a by proxy effect on your personal life. Surrounding yourself with environmentally and health conscious colleagues will inevitably rub off on you […]

WELL Certified Cundall Office

By Simon Wyatt

We often talk about wellbeing, health and happiness, in relation to our personal lives. However, there has been a growing awareness […]

By Emma Kent

Engineers like equations. Engineers like maths. Engineers like being taken seriously. Engineers don’t like uncertainty […]

By David Everington

In the western world, there are many things about everyday life taken for granted… one such thing being access to a safe, potable water supply […]

By Darren Wood

The recent tragic event that took place on the Westminster Bridge and the Palace of Westminster on the afternoon of Wednesday 22nd March 2017 will long live in the memory of the people of London, the UK and across the globe […]

By Leanne Panzera

On Wednesday the 28th March, the Sydney office participated in the “Taste of Harmony”, an annual event celebrating food and cultural […]